0800–1700 Hrs (Mon – Thurs), 0800–1630 Hrs (Fri) +268 2404 9848 / 8481 / 1497 +268 2404 8527 info@cic.co.sz Ligwalagwala House, J. S. M. Matsebula Str., Queensgate, Mbabane
4 September 2019: PUBLIC NOTICE – CONTRACTOR DEVELOPMENT TRAINING WORKSHOP ON PROJECT MANAGEMENT, TENDERING AND COSTING ESTIMATION Click here to read more. Click on the link to download the REGISTRATION FORM 3 June 2019: PUBLIC NOTICE – STAKEHOLDER CONSULTATION CONSTRUCTION OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH REGULATIONS Click here to view the notice. Click on the link to download the CONSTRUCTION OSH REGULATION-2019 DRAFT 13 March 2019: PUBLIC NOTICE – REGISTRATION & RENEWALS FOR CONTRACTORS 2019/202 FINANCIAL YEAR.. Click here to view the notice. 28 January 2019: PUBLIC NOTICE – CIC OFFICE RELOCATION NOTICE: We have moved to Ligwalagwala House, Plot 427, J.S.M. Matsebula Street, Queensgate, Mbabane (opposite CANGO Offices). Click here to view the notice.

Contractor Categorization

  1. Construction Firms

    1. General Building Works Contractors (B)
    2. General Civil Works Contractors (C)
    3. General Electrical Works Contractors (E)
    4. General Mechanical Works Contractors (M)
  2. Specialists Works Contractors

    1. Building Works Specialist Contractors (BS)
    2. Civil Works Specialist Contractors (CS)
    3. Electrical Works Specialist Contractors (ES)
    4. Mechanical Works Specialist Contractors (MS)
  3. Consultancy Practices & Allied Professionals

    1. Consultancy Practices

      1. Civil Engineering/Structural Engineering (CE/SE) - Professional Engineering only
      2. Architecture (ARC) - Professional Architecture, Professional Senior Architectural Technologist, Professional Architectural Technologist,  Professional Architectural Draughtsmanship, Candidate Architecture, Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist, Candidate Architectural Technologist, Candidate Architectural Draughtsmanship
      3. Quantity Surveying (QS) - Professional Quantity Surveying only
      4. Electrical Engineering (EE) - Professional Engineering only
      5. Mechanical Engineering (ME) - Professional Engineering only
    2. Allied Professionals (Click here to see the current list of specializations)

  4. Individual Artisans

  5. Joint Ventures

    1. Joint Venture Construction Firms & Specialists Works Contractors

    2. Joint Venture Consultancy Practices

  6. Manufacturers and Suppliers

    1. Suppliers
    2. Manufacturers
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